Made with sustainable fabrics - 15 1Ltr recycled plastic bottles per pad. GP full size.



More than 15 1Ltr plastic bottles recycled into every saddle pad

Being eco-aware became part of the story when, upon production, the team realised that by building a business we didn't want to end up adding to the landfills and plastic pollution ruining the countryside across the globe. We believe that a love of horses is a love of the countryside and to love the countryside we must do what we can to protect it. We have chosen fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles to create the pads - in fact, each saddle pad that you buy uses up to 18 recycled plastic bottles. The filling is made from bamboo fabric which is made from the pulp of bamboo grass - easily replenished and uses no pesticides or chemicals to grow. So by shopping with Paladin Boutique Equestrian, you can rest in the knowledge that you are contributing to cleaning up our world one saddle pad at a time.



On-trend, unique and beautiful prints

Paladin Equestrian stems simply from our own desire for bolder saddle pad prints for our horse. While there are hundreds of bright colours and matching sets, nowhere on the market could we see what we wanted - unique and on-trend, statement designs for the fashion savvy horse lover! From this was born the idea for Paladin Boutique Equestrian - featuring eye-catching, fashionable and sporty designs for your horse. 



Never Sacrifice Quality for Style

We know that the comfort of your horse and the functionality of your product is more important to you than anything else. We have worked tirelessly to marry this with our own sustainable principles, ensuring the fabric on the underside is breathable cotton and the padding is an eco-friendly bamboo filling, known for its excellent wicking ability. The durability of this product speaks for itself and as keen horse riders ourselves, we have tested these products tirelessly to ensure they will meet your high standards!

Paladin Equestrian, Peacock GP Saddle Pad