• Naturally soothing herbs to help maintain quality of life

    Ideal for older horses and ponies or where comfort is compromised.

  • Naturally soothing and comforting 

  • With high levels of Devils Claw traditionally used for horses with stiffness or limited mobility

  • Contains Meadowsweet, Chamomile, and Yucca traditionally used for their soothing effects on the musculoskeletal system

  • Incudes MSM, a source of Sulphur which is essential for the synthesis of connective tissue including Collagen 

  • Please allow a minimum withdrawal period of two weeks.


Zerobute contains herbs and natural compounds that provide a safe and effective way to soothe the musculoskeletal system, maintaining mobility. The well-known properties of Devil's Claw provide the active constituents harpagocides, which help to keep the horse comfortable. This is complemented by the herb Chamomile, which helps to keep muscles relaxed, as well as Yucca and Meadowsweet, all of which have well known soothing effects. Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) is a source of Sulphur, necessary for the production of Collagen and connective tissues, and Celery seeds have a warming effect so are ideal to feed to horse’s that are tired or run down as a pick-me-up. With a complex chemistry, this combination of herbs and plant extracts are naturally soothing and comforting.


Zerobute can be fed alongside our high specification joint supplement, Extraflex HA with Rosehips, and is safe to feed long term. Ideal for older horses or younger horses that have been worked hard and have a bit of wear and tear.

Zerobute - 1kg

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